Iugum Data Software - Fuzzy Pro (includes FuzzyMatch + DataClean + DateMatch)(12-Mo Rental)

Iugum Data Software - Fuzzy Pro (includes FuzzyMatch + DataClean + DateMatch)(12-Mo Rental)
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Extracting and merging data from multiple databases can cause major integration issues. Problems stem from trying to match records that have different spellings due to many factors, including inconsistent naming conventions, typos and abbreviations. Identifying and removing duplicates is crucial to save space and be efficient. This is why we created iugum Data Matching Software.
Improve your data management with this easy to use software to cleanse, match and merge your lists, datasets or databases. No need to know any programming language or spend hours learning a complicated technical application. Our software can be used by anyone to:
  • Quickly identify and cleanse noise words.
  • Identify similar words through fuzzy data matching.
  • Eliminate duplicate entries and produce useful reports.

Iugum Data Software - Fuzzy Pro is very easy to use. It includes:

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Features Fuzzy Pro package
Number of installations 2
Read any structured file (Excel, Access, Text, etc.)
Perform fuzzy matching
Set the number of suggestions of close matches
Set the level of similarity
Use the Match Toolbar to review match suggestions
Use the Match Toolbar to find additional matches
Store manual matches easily in a library for future use
Select fields to appear in the match report
Automatically exclude non valid matches from report
Calibrate between speed and precision
Learn from previous matches
Build custom libraries using the Match Toolbar
Select the libraries to use
Export, merge and share libraries
Match on several fields at once
Match on several fields in sequence
Make several types of match in sequence
Accept all best suggested matches in a click
Produce a report of all suggested matches
Easily make match queries using "and/or" operators
Save a matching session as a project to be resumed later
Export report to Excel, Access and txt format
Cleanse noise words
Standardize records spellings
Fuzzy-deduplicate datasets
Retrieve data based on calendar dates
Build time series
Build event studies


Iugum Data Software - Fuzzy Pro (includes FuzzyMatch + DataClean + DateMatch)

  • Windows 7 or better 64 bits platforms only
  • 1.5 GB memory
  • 100 MB disk space
  • .Net Framework 3.5
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